Book Donations

Hours:Monday, Tuesday, Saturday - 10:00am-12:00pm

The Village Library accepts donations of current hardback and paperback books, childrenís books, Audio book CDs, and DVDs. Virtually all items that you donate to the library will be sold, generating much-needed revenue for your library.Therefore, all donated items must be in very good condition, not damaged or outdated.Unfortunately, there are items we cannot accept such as magazines, reference and textbooks, travel guides and cassette tapes.Please see the list below for more specific information regarding all donated items.

Please note: Library staff will be working during the donation hours to help with the process.Due to storage restrictions, initially we will be able to accept up to 50 of your items per donation visit. We are requesting that patrons allow library staff to review items being donated before they are left at the library. All donors will be given a receipt confirming their donation.


The Village Library is most interested in the following types of materials for inclusion in its Book Sale inventory.Our books are available for sale during regular hours of operation, Monthly Bag of Book Sales, and our annual Fall and Spring Book Sales:

Hardbound current fiction and non-fiction books with jackets

Biographies and autobiographies

Children's books

Trade Paperback books fiction and non-fiction

Mass Market paperbacks

Books of local interest


Art Books/Coffee Table Books

Media material: Audio book CDs, DVDís


The following are books and periodicals that we cannot use or even accept as they present a disposal problem:

Damaged books which may include:

Missing book jackets, covers or pages, loose bindings, ripped or missing pages, disintegrating pages and covers caused by exposure to heat and sun, water-damaged or moldy books

Textbooks and Reference books which include:

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Bibliographies, Almanacs, Directories, Atlases, Handbooks

Informational Books:

Technological, Tax, Investment, Medical, Educational, Legal

Condensed or Abridged materials

Magazines of any sort

Travel and Restaurant Guides

Cassette Tapes and VHS tapes

Ex-library books


The Village Library acknowledges the great importance of your donation.

Thank You