The Village Library Footnotes
1 Skidaway Village Square
Savannah, Georgia 31411

(912) 598-1183
Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Children’s Corner

The Summer Reading Program will be presented in two stages this year.  The first section, Catch the Reading Bug, featuring story times and special events, will meet the first three Tuesdays in June (June 5, 12 and 19).  It will be geared towards 2 to 5-year-olds.  The second section, an independent reading program designed for children aged 6 to 13, will run from June 15 to August 15.  Readers can sign up beginning June 15 and pick up their reading charts and instructions then.  Prizes will be awarded depending on the number of books read during the summer.  Additional information for both programs will be posted at the library and on the website.

Many newly purchased and donated books have been added to the collection in all age groups.  These new books are displayed on the tables and top shelves of book cases before they are combined with the older books.  A small puppet stage with finger puppets and a Velcro board with moveable felt figures are now available in the Children’s Room.  Do come to play with them and create your own stories.
Audiobooks and DVDs

While you are cooking, gardening or driving, an audiobook is the perfect companion.  At the library we have a large selection of fiction and nonfiction books on CD, including best sellersThese books are read by professional narrators and many have more than one reader, creating an audio delight for you as you multitask.  Want to learn something?  We have a selection of the Great Courses on audio CDs.  Imagine washing your dishes while learning about history, art, science or philosophy.

And for those moments when you can sit down and savor a video, the library now offers Blu-ray discs as well as DVDs of movies, British television series, and popular television dramas.  We also have Great Courses DVDs, which enable you to watch the professors give lectures.

These audiobooks and videos are available for 40 cents per day except for "Great Courses", which are treated like books.  Considering the purchase price of these items, this is a marvelous option available to all library patrons.   Come check us out.
Did You Know?

Here are some facts you may not know about The Village Library.
  • The library has books for sale year-round.  Come check out the ever-changing selection.
  • You can call the library (598-1183) to check on the availability of a book or to renew a book.
  • $10 a year gives you access to over 20,000 fiction and non-fiction books, CDs, large print books and children’s books.
  • The current TWATL is available for your perusal at the library.
  • The Village Library has a website,  Check it out.
  • Amazon donates to the library every time an Amazon purchase is made using the link on the Village Library website.
  • The Village Library is designated a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity.  All cash and book donations are tax-deductible.
  • The Landings Garden Club generously plants and maintains the plantings at the library entrance.
  • Bricks can be purchased for $200 and become part of the sidewalk in front of the library.  Purchasing a gift of a brick makes a lovely gift of remembrance of a friend or family member.
  • Children’s story time takes place every Tuesday morning at 10:30 for preschoolers during the school year.
  • The children’s section has books for non-readers through middle school readers.
  • There are 90 volunteers who keep the library running.  We think it is a Landings treasure.  We hope you think so too.
With Gratitude to Our Generous Donors

3/16/2018 thru 3/15/2019

Donations to the Brick Program

Fred & Janet Irwin Janet Irwin, IMO: Doug Weeter Jayne Hoover, For: Jed Kelly - Tues Book Club Mary Schmidt, Ken & Pat Goode, IMO: John F. Lantz Patricia Goode & Helen's Tennis Friends, IMO: Hal Heaslip Bunco Girls (Carol Blank), IMO: Jack Allen Jr Bas Bleu Book Club, IMO: Sara Lepkofker Bas Bleu Book Club, IMO: Shannon Bailey Douglas & Diane Quinn, Sara & Bill Sands, Heather & Rob Scherzinger Sara & Bill Sands, Heidi Scherzinger Sara & Bill Sands, Ashley Sands Sara & Bill Sands, Patrick Sands Sara & Bill Sands, Dayna & Tony Graham Sara & Bill Sands, Delilah Graham Sara & Bill Sands, Parker Sands Sara & Bill Sands, Olive Novosad Sara & Bill Sands, Beau Graham Sara & Bill Sands, Karenna Lapp Fred Kelly.
In Memoriam/In Honor Donations

IMO: Pat Stukenberg Greg & Elaine Witbeck, IMO: Wm Basnett Greg & Elaine Witbeck, IMO: Virginia Reichart Greg & Elaine Witbeck, IMO: Jack Lantz Sal & Karen Martorelli, IMO: Pat Keary Joseph & Mimi Krupp, IMO: Pat Keary Bill & Jane Peterson, IMO: Pat Keary Theodore & Jacqueline Moore, IMO: Pat Keary Donald & Phyllis Powell, IMO: Pat Keary Walter & Carol Culin, IMO: Pat Keary Jacqueline Hites, IMO: Pat Keary Joan Klug, IMO: Pat Keary Emily Kendall & Friends At Phillips Edison & Co., IMO: Randle Mitchell Greg & Elaine Witbeck, IMO: Domenica Nardone Greg & Elaine Witbeck, IHO: the many volunteers Argerie Martin, IHO: Rhea Myers Aletha Dunlavy.
Other Donations

Lewis Broadcasting Corp, Robert Slagel, Susan Burns, Nancy Bromley, Robin Dawson, Savannah Community Foundation, John & Karen Sellick, Jayne Hoover, Charles & Leslie Corbett, Mr & Mrs Thomas Horner, Jerry Thompson, Verna Chapman, Nancy McGirr & David Goslin, Catherine White, Timothy O'Connor, Peter & Caroline Kastner, Kathryn Johnston, Jean & Edwin Deitch, Nancy Marsh, Phyllis Tildes, Bruce Wallace, Bob & Christine Fogarty, Kenneth & Joyce Haynes, William & Karen Burroughs, Virginia & Paul Hale, Arthur Altman, Eric & Denise Larson, Fletcher & Gudrun Ware, Donna Zentmayer, Janet & Robert Murphy, Bonnie Andrews, Robert Smith, Alison Altman, Denise Cunningham, Karen Anagnost, Patricia Marshall, Jim & Linda Rich, Gail Vergoz, Susan Danner, Deborah Wurzel, Robert DiBenedetto, Cheryl Duprey, Mildred Sample, Gail Quinn, Katrena Wilson, Martha Hejka, Barbara Werneke, Michael Siegel, John Devine, David Diver, Susan Tauster, Elizabeth Munro, Bailey Cronin, Victor Bell, Christie Pattin, David Gannon, Karen Owens, Janet Smart, Robert Farr, Patty & Jim Morgan, Curt & Nancy Shambaugh, Don & Ann Hare, Benjamin McMakin, Robert & Jeanne Pietrzak, Leslie & Bill Bennison, Leanne Lenehan, Kenneth & Nancy Hanson, Bob & Lynne Norton, Kathy Kahn, Merrill Lynch.
More About Supporting The Village Library
We have mentioned this before but new residents arrive every week so we thought it would be worthwhile to restate it. If you purchase items on you can help The Village Library without costing you anything. Yes, whether you purchase gift cards, books, eBooks, shoes, toys, household items, lawn mowers or virtually anything sold by Amazon, The Village Library will benefit by receiving a percentage of your purchase. But, and this is the important thing, you must log on to The Village Library web site first. The web site is  Log on and click on the "amazonassociates" button on the home page. 
We are members of Amazon's Associates program: 
So please use this link for all your Amazon Shopping!
That will take you directly to the Amazon web site (or directly to your individual Amazon account, if you have one). After that, The Village Library will get a payment from Amazon for whatever you purchase. There are no secret codes, no special pass-words. Just shop, select, buy and that’s it.  One more important point: you do not have to be a library patron to secure these benefits for the library. Your friends and relatives, whether they live in the north or the south, on the east coast or west coast, in the middle of the country or in a foreign land, can order anything from Amazon using the library web site and generate revenue for your Village Library. Thank you.
Monetary Donations

So many of you heeded the call and generously donated to the library during our annual appeal in December. We are so appreciative of your ongoing support.

Unlike tax supported libraries, we don’t receive any funds from Federal, State or local entities. We are solely supported by income from membership fees, book and DVD rentals, used book sales and engraved bricks. But it’s not enough to keep up with ever increasing expenses.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us continue to acquire the books you want to read and provide the service you deserve. Checks may be dropped off or mailed to the attention of our treasurer at:

The Village Library
1 Skidaway Village Square
Savannah, Georgia 31411